First female Emirati surgeon a specialist in women's health

Janet Tiebout Hanson
June 19 2013

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Houriya Kazim is the UAE's first female Emirati surgeon specialising in breast surgery. As well as founding the Well Woman Clinic in Dubai, she also set up a breast cancer support group. She recently spoke at a Dubai networking event hosted by 85 Broads - a women's network founded by four female Goldman Sachs employees from the United States - about her career path.

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Find the Work that Fits Your Heart

Janet Tiebout Hanson
June 14 2013

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By Kathryn Sollmann

The minute I stepped into the small art gallery on the wharf in Nantucket, I could feel the joy and creativity. Sitting at an easel creating an island scene was Meredith Hanson, the young painter, and co-owner of The Anchored Artists.

On a grey Nantucket day, the gallery was bursting with color—and Meredith’s heartfelt enthusiasm. She explained that she and her classmate, Nick Addeo, met...


Diane Brady's Brilliant Piece in Bloomberg Business Week: To Get Women on Company Boards, Make Men Leave

Janet Tiebout Hanson
September 26 2012

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If you’re baffled at why it’s proving so difficult to get women on corporate boards, you’re not alone. State treasurers are threatening to pull pension funds from laggard companies. Nine nations are enraged by a European Union plan to punish companies that don’t fill at least 40 percent of their board seats with women. The issue was debated on Sept. 13 at the...


Rachel Sklar backs Bia Sport Kickstarter Campaign on HuffPo

Janet Tiebout Hanson
July 12 2012

Rachel Sklar's fabulous blog on HuffPo:  

  Why This Kickstarter for A High-Performance GPS Sports Watch Could Save Your Life      This is an AMAZING product. One I am shocked does not already exist. Basically this is a high-tech GPS-enabled performance sports watch with all the bells and whistles... and a panic button.      It's also a pretty sweet watch! It's cool and funky-looking and lightweight and water-resistant to 100M. It even has a model for...

Work/Life Balance: Why Anne-Marie Slaughter's decision was so courageous

Janet Tiebout Hanson
July 8 2012

Anne-Marie Slaughter "had it all" -- aka work/life harmony -- right up until she didn't.  It wasn't the grueling stress of her job alone that made her think twice about her State Dept. job -- it was the grueling stress of her job combined with her nervousness about not being on deck as her son approached the most important years of his pre-college academic life. 

About a decade ago, I began hearing...