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Coalition Building With Your Colleagues and Clients

Terri Tierney Clark
November 7 2012

Now that the election is over, we can all be happy there are

no more snipey political ads,
no more intrusive political phone calls, and;
no more annoying candidate diatribes.

We now know that derisive political behavior doesn’t work so well. Pundits say one of the boons to the Obama campaign came when he joined Republican New Jersey Governor...


Do You Hate Your First Job (or Are You Confusing it with Your Boyfriend)?

Terri Tierney Clark
September 19 2012

Considering the pressure put on students to obtain the perfect job after college, it’s surprising that the majority of them leave their work within the first two years. Today’s Generation Y professionals are not constrained by the job loyalty that their predecessors felt. Perhaps that’s why a recent


Women at Work - Something's Got to Change

Terri Tierney Clark
April 25 2012

  Women comprise nearly half the U.S. workforce and start businesses at 1.5x the national average. However, females are underrepresented on corporate Boards and male founded companies receive 95% of venture capital funding. The University of North Carolina’s online business program, MBA@UNC, highlights these and other business-related gender inequities in its Infographic . One particular fact that caught my eye:...