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Can You Go Home Again?

Jennifer Gilhool
January 14 2014


For a long time I mistook my office for my home.  I dedicated the best hours of my day to my work.  My best ideas were given to my mentor who, at various stages of my career, was also my boss.  I wasted my children’s early years putting in long hours at the office to overcome the stereotype that mother’s are...


Attention Women: You Are Not Pathetic (A Working Mom's Must-Read)

Stefania A.P. Pomponi
January 4 2013

Just when I thought I was letting my blog die a slow death, Sarah Lacy’s recent article on Marissa Mayer’s life as a working mom pulls me back in.

Lacy suggests that women who are critical of Marissa Mayer’s statements that she wasn’t planning to take much of a maternity leave and that her baby is “easy” are “pathetic.” I agree with much of what Lacy says, including that we...