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The New Old Freedom - Choice

Kelleen Griffin
July 13 2010

There is an old Cherokee Medicine Way called The Principle of Noninterference. It is very difficult to master, and all but forgotten in today's world.

Noninterference means respecting and allowing choice. It is the opposite of distance, absence, or disinterest. To love another is to not interfere with their self-determination and to allow a respectful silence, a connection without words that permits choice and change.

Sounds easy, but try doing this when...

To be seen and respected....

Kelleen Griffin
July 9 2010

Respect is a word that can only be truly understood.... when felt. Otherwise it exists in the current society as the step-brother to power. True respect has nothing to do with power.

I got reacquainted with respect on a long retreat in Idaho. I did not know, I didn't understand respect until the last 48 hours. Not viscerally, I only understood it as a word in my thoughts, not a feeling....

My Hands Are Full

Kelleen Griffin
July 8 2010

This is an old story told by the Cherokee, the long version is much better, but we don't have much time so this will have to do.

A Grandfather and grandson were walking in the forest. The Elder began pointing out bits and pieces of nature, small glimpses of the wonders of the forest. He asked his grandson to carry 'a few' things for him and without hesitation the...

The Sales call where I stepped in s_ _ t and came out smelling like roses--

Laura Daley
June 7 2010

Lesson learned: The power of focusing outward, versus inward.

On Friday I met a co-worker to go on a new business call. On our two-hour drive, we had plenty of time for her to update me on what she knew already of the client. I had done my research on line so was prepared with the questions I needed to ask, and with information I knew they wanted from me.

The building was...

The Puzzle Pieces of Your Life

Avril Christina David
April 19 2010

Normally, when I write about organizational intelligence, I present it as a way of operating within your workplace in order to achieve goals. However, through having conversations with family, friends and colleagues outside of work, I've found that the basic framework behind organizational intelligence can be applied to other aspects of your life in order to make improvements that matter to you.

Developing organizational intelligence at work allows you to:
Deeply understand...

Developing Organizational Intelligence for Professional Growth

Avril Christina David
March 1 2010

In recent years, a plethora of books, surveys, courses and workshops geared towards developing one’s emotional intelligence has become commonplace in the career and personal development space. And rightfully so, as emotional intelligence can play a key role in one’s success at work and in life in general.

According to Howard Gardner's "Intelligence Reframed", emotional intelligence is the capacity to understand one's self and to use that information in regulating one's own...