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Promote Yourself!

Sylvia Pacher
February 27 2014

So many solo and small business owners try to do everything. Is it possible? Can one take care of the web site marketing, client needs, networking, bookkeeping, hiring, payroll processing – just to mention a few??? It is possible to do all these so the business and the necessary administrative side of the business are cared for in a professional and timely manner? Can it be done in 8-10-12 hours a day, five days a...

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A Conversation with Deb Spar: Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and The Quest for Perfection

85 Broads
November 21 2013

It’s an ugly truth, but women are still living in a man’s world, according to Debora Spar, author and President of Barnard College. She joined us in NYC last week for a candid discussion of her new book, Wonder Women: Sex, Power and The Quest for Perfection, which is part cultural history, part personal story and part social analysis. In this book,...

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Shari Caplan Goldsmith
October 10 2012


 A couple of weeks ago, we took our annual trip to Ann Arbor to move our son into his campus apartment. Before we left to go back home, we ate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. As I walked in, there were a number of people forming a line to put their name on the waiting list for a table.  I was third in line when suddenly, this women pushed...

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Three Tips For Better Balance

Shari Caplan Goldsmith
August 14 2012


Right this minute, I’m lying on the chaise lounge in the backyard.  The fact that I’m lying down and not moving is a good step forward.  Today, I planned my dinner menus and went grocery shopping, biked 42 miles, went to a photo shoot, walked the dog, made homemade soup for dinner, created a new program idea and did paperwork. It’s hard to believe it’s Sunday.


Have you ever had that feeling...

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How to Balance Work and Life

Jen Cohen
February 9 2012


Does work/life balance exist?

I was interviewed about a week ago about  being a working mother and  received the infamous question about work life balance:

How do you juggle it all and have some sense of balance?

I soooo wanted to tell women what we all want to hear.

It is that:

I have found a formula for having it ‘all!’ It is that there IS such a thing called “work life balance.”

But alas… that is...

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