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Be Yourself!

Shari Caplan Goldsmith
June 19 2013


I was looking out the window while on the treadmill at the gym. I had tired of the usual morning shows on the TV and was enjoying my music. I noticed that a car had pulled up with a mother and her young toddler son .The mother went over to the other side of the car to get her infant child out of the car seat, and Adam immediately found something...

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Are You Wearing Any Shoes?

Cynthia Cornell
August 30 2010

"The cobbler's children go unshod." It occurred to me recently that many of us are living our lives like that proverbial shoemaker. Sadly, this phenomenon isn’t limited to the family of the poor shoemaker. In fact, the English phrase is actually a translation from a Spanish proverb that says, “In the blacksmith’s house, the knives are wooden.” Sound familiar? I’m betting this is resonating with at...
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