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Travel with a Purpose in 2013!

Tracy Evans
September 19 2012


Kids Play Int'l 2013 Volunteer Trips

When you decide to travel with a purpose with KPI, you're in for a trip of a lifetime...Get ready to be inspired!
  As we're master planning away to create the coolest Volunteer Trips with Kids Play International possible, we figure it's only fair that we give you a sneak peek. With overwhelming response for ways to get involved, we are now offering...
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The Nitty Gritty On Kids Play Int'l

Tracy Evans
August 20 2012

Have you ever thought about supporting a nonprofit organization but weren't entirely sure how effective your contribution would be? Ha, I'm right there with you! I want to see numbers, pictures, stats, the real deal! 


  Without further ado, we'd like to share with you the impact that Kids Play International has had on the  youth of Africa*.  It's profound, inspiring, educational, and encouraging (at least we think...
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Top Spin
November 20 2010


Anyone trying to promote a new project or simply stay engaged in the world around them is aware of the ever-increasing importance of "web presence." Alisa Ng's has taken on web presence in a manner that is thorough and well maintained, yet more refreshing than aggressive. Originally, we were going to write about  all...

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Warming up to Iceland

sanem erucar
September 6 2010

Looking at the landscape outside your hotel window, it is difficult to know where you are. Gray, craggy mountains loom out of an ocean so clear and turquoise, it resembles gel toothpaste. Were it not for the barren terrain, the silvery sheets of ice on the ground, and the whistle of freezing air, you’d think you were someplace tropical.

Some frozen cousin to Hawaii, perhaps? After all, there are even volcanoes. Everywhere,...
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I Married a Scotsman: Developing Your Human Capital and Family Heritage

Suzanne Currie
July 14 2009

Good Morrow to You All: As a W/S veteran of over 30 years, I have given huge thought as to my career, my life with my invincible husband and my two darling daughters who never fail to surprise and delight me with their remarkable lives.

As career women, we spend endless hours at our work, yet little time developing what that rara avis, Jay Hughes, refers to as "Human Capital". ...
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