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Travel with a Purpose in 2013!

Tracy Evans
September 19 2012


Kids Play Int'l 2013 Volunteer Trips

When you decide to travel with a purpose with KPI, you're in for a trip of a lifetime...Get ready to be inspired!
  As we're master planning away to create the coolest Volunteer Trips with Kids Play International possible, we figure it's only fair that we give you a sneak peek. With overwhelming response for ways to get involved, we are now offering...
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The Path of Conscious Change

Gretchen Steidle Wallace
June 18 2010

Tuesday, June 15

I should pause and describe the scene. I sometimes forget to do so, as much of what I experience, which would be so exotic for another, is something that I have come to find so comfortingly familiar here in Rwanda: The women in their beautiful multicolored wrapped skirts; a sweet child sitting on the floor of our classroom while his mother takes notes; ten children and men...
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Women Change Agents in Africa

Gretchen Steidle Wallace
June 4 2010

Next week I'll be returning to Rwanda for a month to work with grassroots women change agents. My non-profit, Global Grassroots (, operates the Academy for Conscious Change, a 12-18 month incubator for vulnerable women who have ideas for social change. We help women who are impoverished, war widows, undereducated and survivors of violence start their own non-profit organizations benefiting other women and girls. This June we will host our...
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What is progress, truly?

Susan McPherson
March 28 2010

During my career, I've witnessed 'progress' in business by how much revenue was generated year over year or by the numbers of deals that were signed. At the gym, I've determined progress by reaching certain mileage or times. In my personal life, progress might have been measured whether there was there a third date! All seem so superficial.

But, what is progress from the perspective a female entrepreneur...
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