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Congratulations to Alison Levine for summiting Mount Everest

Marlena Ruth Hubley
May 24 2010

On this day I recall a quote from More Than 85 Broads in the Adventurer's Chapter:

"Adventure by its very nature involves risk. It's supposed to be hard. It's supposed to be uncertain. It's supposed to be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. But it's also supposed to be exciting. To be exhilarating. And ultimately to be self-defining."

Today 85 Broads member Alison Levine certainly accomplished a feat that perfectly captures this description of adventure.


Going to BC4!

Alison Levine
May 23 2010

Today we moved up from Camp 3 to Camp 4 in beautiful weather. Currently the team is tucked into the tents at the South Col and we've had dinner and hot drinks. The weather forecast looks excellent for a summit day on the 24th. Tomorrow we're all just going to hang tight, suck oxygen, have hot drinks, and eat a few more good meals while we rest up for our summit...


Alison Levine
May 17 2010

An unspeakable crime was committed at BC a few weeks ago (unspeakable, but not untype-able), and the perpetrator has still not been apprehended. Spike, the Gonzaga Bulldogs’ mascot was being carried up the mountain by one of my teammates, John Rudolph. Needless to say, JR is a big big BIG Gonzaga basketball fan (the team actually spends time at his lake house in Idaho). There is an athletic center on the...


Alison Levine
May 10 2010

Dear Kate -

You and I have not met, but we have much in common. I know that for years people have scrutinized your eating habits and have criticized your weight. Well, I know just how you feel because after so many weeks at altitude I am also really having trouble getting my food down and keeping it down. I realize that the difference between your situation and mine is that you...


Alison Levine
April 23 2010

We are just back down at BC after 4 nights up higher on the mountain -- 2 nights at camp 1 (19,600') and 2 nights at camp 2 (21,300'). It took us 8.5 hours to get from BC to camp 1, because the Khumbu Icefall is just plain HARD to climb through. The terrain is challenging enough on it's own -- but the worry about the moving ice chunks/collapsing seracs creates...


Alison Levine
April 19 2010

Yesterday was our first foray into the dreaded Khumbu Icefall, which is 2000 vertical feet of massive ice chunks that can be as large as school busses or apartment buildings. The terrain is nonstop unevenness and just about every step you take has to be carefully positioned. What makes this area so dangerous is not only the challenging terrain, but also the fact that the icefall is in constant motion and...

Paradise at 17,600'

Alison Levine
April 14 2010

I am really enjoying our time at base camp (BC). One big reason is that we have an awesome team of Sherpas cooking for us, and another is that we all get our own tents while we are here. We will be sharing tents at the higher camps as we move up the mountain, but for the nights we spend here we get to sleep solo which is nice because it...