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Travel with a Purpose in 2013!

Tracy Evans
September 19 2012


Kids Play Int'l 2013 Volunteer Trips

When you decide to travel with a purpose with KPI, you're in for a trip of a lifetime...Get ready to be inspired!
  As we're master planning away to create the coolest Volunteer Trips with Kids Play International possible, we figure it's only fair that we give you a sneak peek. With overwhelming response for ways to get involved, we are now offering...
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The Nitty Gritty On Kids Play Int'l

Tracy Evans
August 20 2012

Have you ever thought about supporting a nonprofit organization but weren't entirely sure how effective your contribution would be? Ha, I'm right there with you! I want to see numbers, pictures, stats, the real deal! 


  Without further ado, we'd like to share with you the impact that Kids Play International has had on the  youth of Africa*.  It's profound, inspiring, educational, and encouraging (at least we think...
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Take a Trip - Connect to the World

Regina Harte Ryan
August 10 2010

World Computer Exchange ( has two last minute openings for volunteers to join up on our trip to Tanzania leaving Aug 20th.

Teams of 5-8 volunteers assist our Partner in setting up computer labs in schools including with trouble-shooting, training and technical support. We're looking for volunteers who have some prior tech skills, plus a willingness to participate in technology-related tasks and education. FYI: These computers will connect 6,000+ youth annually.

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Women Change Agents in Africa

Gretchen Steidle Wallace
June 4 2010

Next week I'll be returning to Rwanda for a month to work with grassroots women change agents. My non-profit, Global Grassroots (, operates the Academy for Conscious Change, a 12-18 month incubator for vulnerable women who have ideas for social change. We help women who are impoverished, war widows, undereducated and survivors of violence start their own non-profit organizations benefiting other women and girls. This June we will host our...
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City of Light

Sarah Monique Broom
April 10 2010


We named our community center at our clinic in Kigutu, Burundi, Rumuri House, light house in Kirundi, the language spoken in rural Burundi where we work. The name implies leading and teaching right, the opposite of misleading. May its flame burn bright.

The day began early with workers tidying up. For those guests who arrived early, there were tours of the premises, including our food security work and solar farm. At 10:30...
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Open invitation for female investors

Margaret L. White
April 7 2009

Are you a woman who is passionate about the intersection between business, social justice, and environmental protection?

Do you want to see a model of green African manufacturing?

Do you want to be part of a cutting-edge social enterprise?

Do you want to see girls stay in school through affordable sanitary pads?

Do you want to help offer dignity for women through affordable sanitary pads they can purchase, and financial freedom through sales of pads...
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