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Tales of Reinvention: Shauna Mei

Joanne Tombrakos
October 3 2010

Shauna Mei is the CEO and Founder of ahalife, a new and innovative on line shopping concept. I had the pleasure of hearing Shauna speak at a recent 85Broads breakfast held at The 21 Club.

Shauna Mei's story caught me off guard. My first glimpse had me writing my own version. She was strikingly attractive, well dressed with what I consider enviable glossy and straight Asian hair. Her poise walking to...
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The New Old Freedom - Choice

Kelleen Griffin
July 13 2010

There is an old Cherokee Medicine Way called The Principle of Noninterference. It is very difficult to master, and all but forgotten in today's world.

Noninterference means respecting and allowing choice. It is the opposite of distance, absence, or disinterest. To love another is to not interfere with their self-determination and to allow a respectful silence, a connection without words that permits choice and change.

Sounds easy, but try doing this when...
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Jessica L. Stevenson
April 1 2010

by Jessica Stevenson, Cathy Greenman, and Kaylin Marcotte

Networking, like investing, is most effective when started early.  Start building your network _before_ you need it. Whether you engage in networking to make new friends when you move to a new city or to forge business connections with other professionals, it can be a huge benefit to your career!

_Keep an eye out for Networking, Round 2 with a bonus networking email in honor...
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