"...She wore it like she meant it."

Meg G
January 10 2012


My taste for fashion and professional clothing is greatly influenced by my mother.

Each morning, I watched her leave the house to run her medium-sized print ad company, VIRGO INC.


Always tailored; always ladylike.

My mother wore knee-length pencil skirts without the subtle twist of irony my generation feels compelled to add when they wear classic styles today…subtly mocking a previous generation known for dainty manners and strings of white pearls.


My mother cultivated a taste...


Professional, Sophisticated, Elegant: Your shoes say a lot about you!

Meg G
November 5 2011

For the smart, professional, chic woman who can't live life without style, below are examples of office-appropriate footwear to inspire confidence as you march into the boardroom to present your brilliant ideas to colleagues.  (No one will know the secret to your spectacular presentation!) Go get 'em!

Link to post (slideshow):  Pretty Professional Pumps