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For The Holidays….

Kelly Hoey
December 15 2010

 If I wondered where my professional interests were leading, I discovered this evening that I don’t need to look further than my recent purchases....

Last year the gifts were copies of Jacqueline Novogratz's "The Blue Sweater". This year, 85 Broads members Shauna Mei (AHALife) and Susan McPherson (Board member, BPeace) have inspired my holiday shopping.  My purchases are in sync with my professional interests and current career transition (one that coincidently started...


Gut Instincts

Kelly Hoey
May 9 2010

Stomach knots.

Electricity firing up your spine.

Sinking feeling deep inside.

The little (or big voice) whispering from deep in your belly....

How often do you ignore it, respond to it, counter it or go with it?

What your "gut" tells you to do, matters.

I had a comfortable position in a major law firm, lots of responsibility and a rather decent paycheck. When Janet Hanson asked me "what I was doing there" - my gut told...
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