Want more women in tech? Girls, just do it. And everyone, quit the patronizing

Diana Sonis
May 4 2010

Important for E.Forum members. This is an inspiring article that should be a mandatory read for anyone in tech-related industries. Men or women. The author points out that the lack of female presence in tech is actually a supply side issue vs. the usual demand-side explanation given. I tend to agree. What do you think?

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Best Business Advice. Part 1

Diana Sonis
April 27 2010

Danielle LaPorte. If you don't know that name, you should. An entrepreneur, author of the WhiteHotTruth blog & all-around rockstar, Danielle will Jam with us on May 6th at noon. Register & be rocked:

In the meantime:

Best Business Advice I’ve Ever Received. Part 1
by Danielle LaPorte

1-Don't spend it before you have it- Melody Biringer, self-proclaimed start up junkie, founder of over twenty businesses, most currently: The CRAVE Company

This is...

Mark your Calendars: Danielle LaPorte free 85 Broads E.Forum Jam Session May 6th.

Diana Sonis
April 5 2010

Very excited about bringing Danielle LaPorte and her FireStarter sessions to 85 Broads. Danielle is a serial entrepreneur, an fearless advisor, and a kind friend...what more can one ask for?

Check out her fierce blog

Here is a little preview of Danielle's FireStarter Sessions:

Mark the date ladies. You will love her.


Get to know great people & speakers!

Diana Sonis
April 2 2010

New volunteer opportunities for E.Forum:


If you love social media, 85 Broads and all things entrepreneurial, this is a great volunteer role and a terrific way to meet more people in the network and the speakers at our events.

We need people who are experts in using the social media platforms to:

1-create buzz for upcoming events via facebook, twitter, linkedin platforms

2-Re-post, re-tweet, post relevant discussions and news items on

3-be available...

Calling all 85 Broads Entrepreneurs...does your venture have a social component to it?

Diana Sonis
March 15 2010

Hello 85 Broads Entrepreneurs,

We are planning an event around Social Ventures in New York City on May 25th.

If your company has a social venture component to it (even if it's for-profit), we'd like to recognize you at the event. If you want to recommend a friend within the network, do it!

Please send an email to with the subject line "social venture." Tell us about your business and how...