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Undercharging? 7 Ways To Raise Your Consulting Rates

Caroline Ceniza-Levine
November 7 2013

In my business coaching post for Life Reimagined For Work, I share strategies for consultants and freelancers who have been undercharging for their services to finally get their due:

  • Time Your Announcement Right
  • Pre-sell At Current Rates
  • Grandfather Ideal Clients
  • Grandfather Referrals
  • Remember You Can Always Discount Later
  • Sweeten Your Higher Priced Offering
  • Set A New Anchor
  • Read the full article at Life Reimagined For Work: http://workreimagined.aarp.org/start-a-business/7-ways-to-raise-your-consulting-fees/

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine, career and business expert, author, speaker and...


    Personal Branding For Non-Traditional Careers

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine
    August 2 2013

    In a recent career management piece for Life Reimagined At Work, I cover personal branding for the professional with the non-traditional background:

    A seasoned journalist contacted me years after we’d worked together, inviting me to a fine arts show where he was exhibiting. I was impressed by his versatility. However, a recruiting colleague shared a similar story with a different outcome. When an executive search firm was filling a senior...


    What I Know Now About Business That I Wish I Knew Then

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine
    June 7 2013

    I was excited to be interviewed by my friend and coaching colleague Kathy Sciere for her business advice broadcast. I share the five things that in hindsight I feel had the most impact on getting our business to multiple six-figures:


    What do you know now about business that you wish you knew when you launched?


    Caroline is a career and business consultant and muses about balancing marriage, kids, and...


    The Almost Perfect Day

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine
    May 29 2013

    Yesterday was an almost perfect day. It included:

    • a call with a former colleague who is starting a new business;
    • a taping for Fox Business;
    • signing papers on a new real estate investment;
    • a reflexology appointment;
    • a coaching call with a hard-working client in an exciting career change;
    • a coaching call where I got to be coached and work out some stuff;
    • dinner with a NY WICI colleague; and
    • stand-up comedy with Comic Diversity, where I unexpectedly got to...

    Five Alternatives To A Business Partner For Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Want To Work Solo

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine
    January 19 2013

    I have a business partner for my career coaching business, and this was instrumental in having the courage to launch and the persistence to keep pressing through the challenging start-up phase. I often hear from solo entrepreneurs that they too wish they had a partner. But you don’t need to have a formal business partner to get the camaraderie, support, and additional perspective a partner brings. Here are five alternatives to...


    Interview With Casting Director and Entrepreneur Liz Ortiz-Mackes

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine
    October 16 2012

    I had the privilege to work directly with Liz as she cast our upcoming project, The Battle Below. A veteran casting director and indie film producer, Liz graciously shared her story and her thoughts on the creative and the business sides of this industry:


    How did you come to casting?  What are your favorite types of projects or roles to cast?

    I came to casting as a progression of my background as a...


    3 Mindset Shifts To Make To Turn Your Network Into Actual Business

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine
    September 20 2012

    I was really excited to speak at the Savor the Success September Mastermind in NYC.  At the Mastermind, I talked about 3 mindset shifts you need to make with your networking in order to convert all that networking you already do into business.


    Mindset Shift #1: Networking isn’t just about meeting more people. You ALREADY know the RIGHT people.

    The easiest way to think of our networking contacts is on 2 dimensions: 1)...


    What I Learned From $55,000 Worth Of Business Coaching

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine
    September 11 2012

    I’ve spent over $55,000 in business classes, workshops, mastermind groups and private coaching over the 5 years I’ve been an entrepreneur. This has included a range of prices and forms from $47 Mp3 packages to $1,000 online courses to $20,000 mastermind groups. I’ve taken courses in general business, business-building, sales, social media, writing/ blogging, productivity, product development…you name it! What did I learn from $55,000 in business coaching?


    Cost does not equal...


    How Can You Do More of the Unexpected In Your Business?

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine
    August 7 2012

    If they give you lined paper, write the other way. — William Carlos Williams, American poet

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. — Rita Mae Brown

    You’ve got to place a bet everyday, otherwise you might be walking around lucky and not know it.  –  Character played by Richard Dreyfus in the movie “Let It Ride “

    Sometimes the best next step is doing the...