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Career Coaching Questions Answered On Job Search, Career Change, and More – Radio Show

Caroline Ceniza-Levine
November 15 2013

The latest episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show covered questions on finding appropriate positions, transitioning from a military to civilian career, landing a brand-name employer, working with recruiters, and temp v. permanent employment skills:


Richard: My most pressing career question is finding appropriate positions and being contacted as a viable candidate

Cheddy: My major concern is being able to find a post-military career which enables me to use my effective leadership...


Career Success Requires Quantity, As Well As Quality

Caroline Ceniza-Levine
June 12 2011

Recently, I heard from someone who was frustrated that, despite following all of the recommended career advancement strategies (networking, following up, working on her pitch), she was not moving forward. As an example, she referenced a few leads that had grown cold. What is the problem?


Now it could very well be that she is not networking, following up, or positioning herself as well as she says. But even if she...


When Networking Doesn’t Lead To The Hidden Job Market

Caroline Ceniza-Levine
June 6 2011


I often hear from people who think that networking means spending lots of time discussing their job search with family and friends. Then when they have exhausted their contacts’ patience and still don’t have a job, they wonder why they haven’t been able to crack this hidden job market everybody alludes to.


The hidden job market does exist and is significant since 80% or more of jobs are filled outside of job postings...